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How to Obtain Free Premarital Counseling

The scary thing about today’s relationships is that half of all marriages end in divorce however this does not have to be you and your spouse’s destiny. In fact, many couples who seek premarital counseling are able to have really great marriages and don’t seem to encounter many of the same issues that their counterparts who don’t attend premarital counseling. With this in mind, many couples are not only interested in premarital counseling but are encouraged to seek it out by their pastors, priests, rabbis and and even their family members and friends. In this brief article, we will discuss how to obtain free premarital counseling so that you can not only put your upcoming marriage on a firm foundation but you can receive counseling without breaking your pocketbook. Are you ready? Let’s begin.

First of all, you must keep in mind that finding competent and free premarital counseling will take a bit of hard work and effort. You shouldn’t just sign up for the first free counselor you find. Instead, you must actively seek a counselor that is equipped to help you deal with any impending and unforeseen issues. You must find one that will help you and your spouse understand one another and plan for any obstacles you may experience when you become husband and wife. In essence, you must both be willing to work with the counselor and willing to search for one that offers the quality services you deserve.

Second, keep your eye out for qualified counselors. Ask friends and family members for referrals. In addition, whether you are spiritual or religious, local parishes often offer these types of services to members of the community. All you have to do is call and ask for their help! If you are religious, compatibility can be an issue and therefore meeting with a local parish can help the two of you work through your spiritual differences and come to a mutual understanding. For instance, let’s say the wife is Catholic and the husband is Baptist well, you might choose a non denominational counselor to counsel the two of you. On the same token, you may want to check with qualified local community centers. In many instances, many of them have have publicly funded counseling services available. You can always visit one of these community centers to see if they can accommodate you or know of a center that can.

Third, check online. Aside from in the physical community, free premarital counseling is also available online! The digital age has permitted us to seek answers through our computers, which can connect us to therapists, religious leaders, or communities of like-minded individuals who can help with group counseling.

When seeking free premarital counseling, just remember that counseling will only work if you work it. Both you and your future spouse have to be willing to put forth the necessary work and effort to make the session worthwhile. In addition, when evaluating a counselor and/’or counseling program, you need to use the same criteria in a free program that you would seek in a paid one. Make sure that the counselor understands your goals and is willing to work with you and your partner to achieve those goals. In addition, you should both be comfortable and satisfied with the guidance you are receiving. And, the counselor should work with both of you, not against you, to make your relationship stronger than ever.

Good luck and Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials!

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