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Using Light with Acupuncture to Stop Pain

Acupuncture has been around in the healing arts for thousands of years. However, modern inventions have added some new twists to the use of acupuncture. There are forms of acupuncture using magnets, electrical stimulation and various forms of light. Laser light is used by many healthcare professionals. But lasers are not the only form of light that seems to work well on acupuncture points on living things. Lasers for now are best left to the use of professionals but there are products aplenty that are safe for home use. However research that began in the Space Program led to devices made from high intensity LED or Light Emitting Diode, that produced what scientists sometimes refer to as “near-infrared light.” One such device by brand name is the Light Shaker.

The Light Shaker

The Light Shaker was so named because it was developed specifically to treat food allergies. It was a specific invention of E.E. David Olszewski. People with food allergies only need to hold their hand near the food they are about to eat and set this device on pulse and then rotate it clockwise for about 30 to 60 seconds. Then a food that one might normally be allergic to will temporarily be safe to eat because this device matches your body’s energy field to that of the food. Many people with severe food allergies started to swear by this device when it first started appearing at health fairs in the 1990s. These devices are so safe that they may be used by children and can be used directly on the eye. You can’t use lasers directly on the eye except in special cases.

Pain Control and Wound Healing

Acupuncture is famous for controlling pain, even during some major surgeries. The Light Shaker and similar LED or near infrared devices will control new pain or old pain. It can be used with acupuncture points or directly on the skin over a painful area. This LED light will penetrate into the skin or under it up to 2 inches. The light will disperse on its own through meridians that are the conduits of acupuncture sites, if the light is only close to one of the acupuncture site openings. Doctors and scientists at NASA’s Marshal Space Flight Center in Huntsville, AL., are studying the ability of these near-infrared lights to heal diabetic ulcers as well as serious burns and burns from chemotherapy. These are human trials that have been approved by theU.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Dr. Harry Whelan a professor of pediatric neurology and director of hyperbaric medicine has said, “The near-infrared light emitted by these LED’s seems to be perfect for increasing energy inside of cells. They show great promise for healing cells whether you are on Earth, under the Sea in a submarine or in a spaceship in orbit, these devices can boost cell energy and accelerate healing.” Dr. Whelan’s research is funded by NASA. He has many peer-reviewed articles published in various scientific journals including: Space Technology and Applications International Forum, and The Journal of Clinical Laser Medicine and Surgery.

These LED devices were originally designed for the Space Shuttle Program to aid in commercial plant growth research in space. The healing benefits to other living things has grown out of this original research. At the Medical College of Wisconsin,

Seasonal Affective Disorder(SAD)

Many people suffer horrible symptoms in winter, a sort of once a year depression. Many of these LED lights in different colors have been used to treat this disorder. But from there, many other uses of different colored LED lights have been found to address many varied medical issues. Many LED light manufacturers make large panels of LED lights that pulse in the UV range specifically for SAD.

Safer Than Dangerous Drugs

Before one resorts to dangerous drugs for chronic pain conditions and other medical conditions, safe modalities like acupuncture the traditional way with needles or with burning cones should be tried. But the beauty of using these modern inventions that use LED lights one does not need to be an expert in acupuncture and there is no need to fear harming oneself with these devices. They seem ideal to help people suffering from chronic pain. There are many books on the subject for further study, and books on acupressure to teach one the basic information of where acupoints are on the body. It is a nice way to heal yourself or someone you love or at least make them feel much better. One of the earlier and better books on this subject is Light Medicine of The Future by Jacob Liberman.

An LED Facelift.

All of these LED light devices also have a very nice side effect. They can reduce wrinkles in the skin to a large degree. They seem to stimulate the production of subcutaneous collagen. They are possibly yet another well kept beauty secret. One instruction book that comes with The Light Shaker even has a chapter on using this device for an acupuncture facelift.

This is a new and emerging field of science. Acupuncture is more than 6,000 years old, but using LED’s is new. In an era where there are ever increasing costs to health care and dangers in the use of prescription drugs, any new way to help people with medical problems that is safe and effective is always welcome.

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