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The Truth About Tow Yards and Your Vehicle

It is five a.m. on a Sunday morning. Your vehicle has just been involved in an accident, and you need a tow truck. With no body shops open to take your vehicle to, the only option is to allow it to go to a tow yard until it can be dealt with on Monday morning.

Your vehicle will be safe, right?

In many cases, the answer is wrong. As a former claims adjuster for a major insurance company, one of the biggest things seen is tow yards with less than stellar reputations hauling vehicles in and more problems arising out of the treatment towards vehicles. In some major cities, police departments even have contracts with these tow companies, which gives them a steady stream of consumers to take advantage of.

What problems could arise?

If you keep any personal items in the vehicle, do not expect them to be there when your vehicle gets picked up. I had seen many cases where upgraded stereo systems, CDs, iPods, and even shopping bags full of holiday gifts have “mysteriously disappeared” while in the custody of a tow yard. To make matters worse, they insist you sign a waiver stating they are not responsible for any missing items before they will give you the vehicle back.

Additional damage to your vehicle is also very possible. Tow yards are generally crammed so full (for their maximum profit, of course) that it is nearly impossible to even walk between cars. Thus, many additional damages happen during the loading and unloading process. Again, a waiver will be requested for you to sign stating there is no additional damage before they will allow you to move the vehicle.

Another big problem with tow yards is those who have a body shop attached. While there are a few reputable outfits with this type of setup, many are not. Regardless of what anybody at a tow yard tries to tell you, you are not required to use their body shop unless it is of your own choosing. This goes for your insurance company as well. Many state legislatures have laws that allow the consumer to choose his or her own shop. Although companies are allowed to give recommendations but it is ultimately the customer’s personal choice that determines where the vehicle will be repaired.

What is the best recourse when your vehicle has been at a tow yard? First of all, do not delay getting it out of there as soon as possible. Not only is there a potential for disaster the longer your vehicle is there, the yard will charge huge fees each day it is there. If your insurance company is not set to move the vehicle, then pay out of pocket and submit the receipts to them for later reimbursement. Take inventory of all personal items in the vehicle before going to the tow lot. Ask to see your vehicle and check for these items as well as any additional damage prior to signing any waivers.

How to Obtain Free Premarital Counseling

The scary thing about today’s relationships is that half of all marriages end in divorce however this does not have to be you and your spouse’s destiny. In fact, many couples who seek premarital counseling are able to have really great marriages and don’t seem to encounter many of the same issues that their counterparts who don’t attend premarital counseling. With this in mind, many couples are not only interested in premarital counseling but are encouraged to seek it out by their pastors, priests, rabbis and and even their family members and friends. In this brief article, we will discuss how to obtain free premarital counseling so that you can not only put your upcoming marriage on a firm foundation but you can receive counseling without breaking your pocketbook. Are you ready? Let’s begin.

First of all, you must keep in mind that finding competent and free premarital counseling will take a bit of hard work and effort. You shouldn’t just sign up for the first free counselor you find. Instead, you must actively seek a counselor that is equipped to help you deal with any impending and unforeseen issues. You must find one that will help you and your spouse understand one another and plan for any obstacles you may experience when you become husband and wife. In essence, you must both be willing to work with the counselor and willing to search for one that offers the quality services you deserve.

Second, keep your eye out for qualified counselors. Ask friends and family members for referrals. In addition, whether you are spiritual or religious, local parishes often offer these types of services to members of the community. All you have to do is call and ask for their help! If you are religious, compatibility can be an issue and therefore meeting with a local parish can help the two of you work through your spiritual differences and come to a mutual understanding. For instance, let’s say the wife is Catholic and the husband is Baptist well, you might choose a non denominational counselor to counsel the two of you. On the same token, you may want to check with qualified local community centers. In many instances, many of them have have publicly funded counseling services available. You can always visit one of these community centers to see if they can accommodate you or know of a center that can.

Third, check online. Aside from in the physical community, free premarital counseling is also available online! The digital age has permitted us to seek answers through our computers, which can connect us to therapists, religious leaders, or communities of like-minded individuals who can help with group counseling.

When seeking free premarital counseling, just remember that counseling will only work if you work it. Both you and your future spouse have to be willing to put forth the necessary work and effort to make the session worthwhile. In addition, when evaluating a counselor and/’or counseling program, you need to use the same criteria in a free program that you would seek in a paid one. Make sure that the counselor understands your goals and is willing to work with you and your partner to achieve those goals. In addition, you should both be comfortable and satisfied with the guidance you are receiving. And, the counselor should work with both of you, not against you, to make your relationship stronger than ever.

Good luck and Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials!

Learn the Hidden Secrets Behind Acupuncture Treatments?

Acupuncture works off the belief that we must maintain a balance of vital energy flow in order to remain healthy. An individual can look and feel healthy despite this flow being out of balance. Since energy out of balance can quickly become sickness, acupuncture is seen in this regard as preventive medicine. It is also a vital medical tool for treatment and restoration as well.

Before we get too in depth, however, a discussion of acupuncture’s history, uses, and effectiveness is in order. A better understanding of this subject is helpful in deciding whether acupuncture is right for you.

First used in China over 2,000 years ago, it is one of the oldest still-used medical procedures in the world. Acupuncture stimulates the anatomy of the body to balance energy flow throughout. Through the use of tiny, metallic needles placed in specific energy points while manipulating the area or related areas by hand massage or electrical stimulation, flow is re-aligned.

Even today, acupuncture forms the basis for traditional Chinese medicine and is used to properly align the two opposing forces within the body: the Yin and the Yang. Through the vital pathways (meridians) which allow the flow of qi (vital energy), the Yin and Yang energies become balanced as they connect over 2,000 acupuncture points along the body. Even Western science, always skeptical of traditional methods, has proven that acupuncture does work, though it doesn’t completely understand why.

The National Institute of Health has studied the affects of acupuncture in many areas of health care. It’s shown to be effective in postoperative nausea, osteoarthritis, chemotherapy side effects, lower back pain, headaches, menstrual cramps, addiction, asthma, carpal tunnel, and more. Their studies showed that acupuncture was able to provide pain relief, improved arthritic joint mobility and function, and complemented standard care.

Most doubters, once they become patients, become believers. Current medical theories as to why acupuncture works center around its affect on the body’s nervous system. The theory is that acupuncture regulates the nervous system and induces the release of endorphins and immune-system cells. Another theory concludes that acupuncture alters the brain’s chemistry by changing how neurotransmitters in the brain react.

No matter the theory of why, there is no doubt that it does work. As a patient myself, I can attest to the wonderful effect it’s had on my back pain. Acupuncture is a proven aid in maintaining optimal health, despite its current classification as an alternative medicine.

For the healthy individual, acupuncture is still very beneficial. Because of the balance of vital energies and their link to wellness over time, maintaining the balance through acupuncture is a preventive measure, keeping you healthy. It’s analogous to giving your car a tune-up before it develops a serious problem.

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